Myprotein Iron Hooks

Heavy duty løftekroge

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Myprotein Iron Hooks are heavy duty lifting hooks designed to enhance grip and reduce grip fatigue during heavy lifting.

Myprotein Iron Hooks are designed to fit any Olympic lifting bar and utilise a neoprene, padded, adjustable wrist strap for extra comfort. Once the wrist straps are firmly fastened, simply place your lifting bar within the heavy duty iron hooks whilst lightly gripping the bar for stability. Once in place you will find the ergonomic and comfortable design can improve lifting technique and prevent the customary wrist and hand discomfort associated with heavy lifting routines.

The Myprotein Iron Hooks will ultimately provide you with superior grip strength allowing you to lift heavier for longer by isolating the muscles you really want to target. The convenience of lifting hooks means no more wrapping and unwrapping of the fiddly traditional lifting straps.

Vigtige fordele

  • Aid grip during heavy lifting
  • Fits any olympic bar

Anbefalet brug

Fix the wrist straps in place using the durable Velcro fastening and allow the iron hooks to sit in your palm. Cup the iron hook with your fingers whilst gripping the bar securely.

For more specific direction we recommend seeking the advice of a fitness expert.


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Myprotein Iron Hooks

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Myprotein Iron Hooks