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Ultra Colostrum (30% Ig)


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Colostrum is the nourishing fluid produced by mammals as food for the newborn directly after birth. Our Ultra Colostrum is a bovine derived food supplement rich in a variety of biologically active proteins, immunoglobulins (IgG), vitamins, amino acids and other growth factors (IGF-1 & 2) that support the maintenance of lean tissue, as well as a stronger immune system.

Ultra Colostrum is collected within the first 12 hours after birth on a year round basis. It is also freeze dried to ensure none of the essential nutrients are compromised whilst also providing a more bio-active powder. This thorough process ensures Ultra Colostrum is a fresher and more nutrient dense product when compared to lesser, spray dried colostrum collected over the first 48 hours after birth.

Colostrum is one of the oldest and most exceptional foods that can be found in nature due to the dense combination of growth enhancing and immune supporting nutrients. Within the athletic population, several studies have shown colostrum to be a valuable tool in enhancing lean tissue growth, reducing body fat and enhancing performance. These benefits appear to be attributable to colostrums ability to enhance amino acid and carbohydrate uptake by the intestines as well as its potential to raise levels of some key growth factors, such as IGF-1 and 2.

The high levels of IgG in colostrum have also been shown to provide extensive immune boosting properties which may prove essential for athletes pushing their body to the limits. Many athletes choose to supplement with colostrum during particularly heavy periods of training, this is due to the high levels of IgG which have been shown to increase nutrient absorption as a result of improving overall gut health. As a large amount of your immune system is supported by the digestive system, it is essential that you support gut health with antibodies such as IgG. Ultra Colostrum is standardised to 30% IgG.

The only colostrum collected from the cow is excess and is only taken once the calf has received a full feed. The care of the infant is the producer's foremost consideration, its needs always come first. The farms used for the collection of our colostrum are heavily monitored and governed by the local government and dairy industry.

Vigtige fordele

  • Standardised to 30% IgG
  • Original product of grass fed dairy cattle
  • 12 hour freeze dried to ensure highest quality

Anbefalet brug

Protein contributes to the growth & maintenance of muscle mass, so to reap the benefits of this product we recommend adding 7 1/2 small scoops (10g) to 150-250ml of water or milk in a Myprotein shaker 30 minutes before and/or after your workout. Alternatively consume any time of day to increase your daily protein intake.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This product is intended to be used alongside an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. Not suitable for vegetarians.


For allergens, see ingredients listed in bold. Made in a facility that also handles Soy, Egg, Gluten and products thereof.

Unflavoured: 12 Hour Freeze Dried Bovine Colostrum (Milk) (100%)


Serving Size - 7 ½ small scoops (10g)

Servings Per Container - 25 (250g)

Nutritional Information

  Per 100g Per Serving *RI
Energy 1061 kJ/250 kcal 106 kJ/25 kcal 1%
Fat 2.4 g 0.2 g 0%
  of which saturates 1.5 g 0.2 g 1%
Carbohydrates 14 g 1.4 g 1%
  of which sugars 13 g 1.3 g 1%
Protein 43 g 4.3 g 9%
Salt <0.01 g <0.01 g 0%


* Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)

The nutritional information is based on the Unflavoured version, when choosing an alternative flavour the nutritional values may vary by up to 10%


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Er du typen der træner hård, så er colostrum klart et godt supplement til at holde immunforsvaret oppe og sikre en bedre restitution.

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Ultra Colostrum (30% Ig)

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Ultra Colostrum (30% Ig)