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Myprotein fejrer 10 års fødselsdag

Spar 20% på hele din ordre | Brug koden: SPAR20

Spar 20% på hele din ordre | Brug koden: SPAR20

Spar 20% på hele din ordre

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Our Birthday Bundles are back for our Payday deals promotion. For a limited time only grab one of our our anniversary packs for half price.

This year Myprotein is celebrating an unforgettable 10 years of providing the very best sports supplements to our very loyal customers and fitness enthusiasts. To celebrate our 10th Birthday we’ve constructed a bundle that contains 5 products that have been paramount to our success over the last decade. They are the 5 pillars of any athlete’s supplementation and have been amongst our bestselling products since day one. As a thank you for our loyal support this bundle will be heavily discounted during our anniversary period helping you to Fuel your ambition.

Impact Whey Protein – 1kg, Unflavoured – the #1 Whey Protein in Europe, with 80% protein, low fat and sugar content and great dissolution and taste. Impact Whey Protein has been our number 1 product since our launch in 2004.

Instant Oats - 2.5kg, Unflavoured – simple but effective and extremely versatile, a great supplement to add to your morning shake of whey or simply when you’re hungry.

BCAA Plus – 90 caps - a staple in any athletes armoury, branch chain amino acids have gone from strength to strength since we started out, and are now considered to be one of the most influential supplements on the market. BCAA’s help to prevent muscle break down during training and assist with strength gains and recovery.

Alpha Men - 120 tabs – a great all-rounder and our #1 Multi-Vitamin, Alpha Men contains vitamins and minerals essential for recovery, growth and overall health and wellbeing.

Creatine Monohydrate - 250g, Unflavoured – the supplement of choice for anyone looking to build muscle, power and strength. Creatine was one of the first supplements we ever launched and it’s been a firm favourite ever since.

Bemærk at den produkts emballage som minimum er skrevet på engleks. Fransk, italiensk, tysk, spansk, dansk, svensk og finsk kan også fremgå på produktet, afhængigt af hvilket produkt der er tale om.

Vigtige fordele

  • Contains 5 bestselling products
  • Limited Edition Stack
  • Half Price for a limited time only


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Payday pakkeløsning - Uden smag

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Payday pakkeløsning - Uden smag
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